Sebastian Strasser, Shots Magazine

Shots – Director Profile

"All I am interested in is the energy emerging from people running into each other whatever the result is: love or repulsion, drama or comedy."

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Forbes – Mercedes-Benz Gives Us A History And Marketing Lesson With New Film

The acting is excellent and believable, the pacing is gripping, the music carries it forward while at the same time nicely infusing emotion into key plot points.

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Anorak – Stay #1 In 2019!

Anorak remains Germany's top dog in creative content.

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Anorak – Most Creative Production Company

These are Germany's most creative moving image producers.

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The Emperor Has No Clothes

"I think what we desperately need is a revolution. Unfortunately that word has been erased from our vocabulary."

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Sebastian Strasser, Anorak

Radical Media Becomes Anorak

The longtime boss of Radical Media Berlin, Christiane Dressler, creates a new production company and a new brand with Anorak.

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